Thursday, January 13, 2011

Retrieving Classes and Categories from the 'Main Model'

We just got another 5 or 6 inches of snow over the last couple of days.  After the foot or so that we had over Christmas (that quickly melted once it got up to the 60's for a day!) I believe this is probably the most snow we've had this early for quite some time.

I'm working on a material collection project in Revit right now.  Part of this collection hinges on  obtaining a plus-minus report that lists all elements and their properties for each 'option set' in the house.

Revit has a 'DesignOption' field for each element, whether it be a system family or a custom family, that defaults to 'Main Model.'  Once the item is placed into a design option, this is obviously changed to the design option id in the database. Here I get an IList<T> of the walls in the main model:

/*Walls in Main Model*/
BuiltInParameter bip = BuiltInParameter.DESIGN_OPTION_PARAM;
ParameterValueProvider provider = new ParameterValueProvider(new ElementId(bip));
FilterStringRuleEvaluator evaluator = new FilterStringEquals();
FilterRule rule = new FilterStringRule(provider, evaluator, "Main Model", false);
ElementParameterFilter filter = new ElementParameterFilter(rule);

FilteredElementCollector collectorCoreWalls = new 
IList<Element> coreWalls = collectorCoreWalls.ToElements();

The same can be done for Floors (Floor), Roofs (RoofBase), Ceilings and Floors (CeilingAndFloor) and others.

Next post I'll show how to loop through Design Option Elements.

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